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Sentiment Analysis Services (SAS)

Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics & bio-metrics to systemically identify, extract, quantify & study effective states and subjective information. Sentiment Analysis by IIIrd Millennium Tech is applied to opinions or voices of the customers thru online reviews, e-mail logs and social media postings etc.

We use State of Art tools to perform Customer Feedback Analysis, aggregate your social media mentions, online reviews, survey responses, email support logs, and more!  Drill-down into comments mentioning specific topics, track and measure your success through in-depth graphs and visualizations, and calculate the overall customer sentiment of everything about your organization.

Our Sentiment Analysis Service (SAS) thru custom developed tools like Tatvam solutions uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collect and analyze all customer comments that a business receives from sources like social media, online reviews, internal surveys and support emails etc. and converts all of this qualitative, unstructured data into high-value business insights that are used to measure and improve customer experience (CX). 

SAS helps an organization to spend less time sorting through and reacting to customer comments and gives more time to be proactive about measuring and improving the customer experience. Our preferred tool “Tatvam” is currently in use by several high-profile CX focused companies all around the country, including - Georgia Aquarium, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Turner Sports, Field Museum of Natural History, St. Louis Gateway Arch, and Space Center Houston.

Please see Tatvam Video and case studies for more information or contact us.

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