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Case Study - Hartsfield-Jackson

As the world’s busiest airport, creating an exceptional passenger experience at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport was a challenging endeavor. Managing over 107 million passengers each year, the airport, along with its agencies, concessionaires, parking facilities, lounges, retailers and more, receives an enormous amount of customer feedback from numerous owned and third-party channels each day. With no simple way to capture and interpret all the feedback being generated, the airport was not realizing its full non-aeronautical revenue potential.

According to the Airports Council International, increasing customer satisfaction can have direct impact on non-aeronautical revenue at airports.However, to properly manage and measure these increases, airports need to have a handle on all data available, including information on any of its agencies or partners.

To implement a true data-driven passenger experience strategy, it was critical that Hartsfield-Jackson be able to collect and analyze all customer feedback available to them. 

Three major problems:

  1. While the staff at Hartsfield-Jackson could collect passenger experience data through kiosks and third-party survey companies, they lacked a solution to monitor and collect the abundance of customer feedback on social media, online review sites and other digital channels.

  2. Even if they were able to capture all data from every source, it would be extremely time-consuming and difficult to manage and analyze all the information with their current resources. 

  3. Without a way to calculate and connect the physical feedback received at the airport through kiosks and surveys with the digital feedback they received online on review sites and social media, the airport was forced to make decisions regarding the passenger experience without understanding the entire picture.

“We were looking for a way to incorporate the digital marketplace and the online voice of the customer into our strategic priorities, specifically around increasing customer satisfaction and non-aeronautical revenue. Finding a tool which enabled us to analyze and respond to customer feedback, at every touchpoint, was extremely difficult. This was our ultimate goal, and the online voice of the customer was being ignored,” said Steve Mayers, Airport Director – Customer Experience at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Because of these challenges, Hartsfield-Jackson did not have a complete birds-eye view of passenger experience in real-time, leading to a management approach that was reactive vs. proactive. Those responsible for managing passenger experience were often over-extended, unable to make key decisions on ways to improve passenger experience or share information with the organization in a timely manner.

To solve these problems, Hartsfield-Jackson leveraged NetServ Applications’ proprietary solution, Tatvam.

Tatvam is a voice of the customer solutions or voc platform that collects, sorts and analyzes multi-source customer feedback using A.I. and machine learning to provide actionable insights for improving passenger experience.

At Hartsfield-Jackson, Tatvam collected, combined and sorted tens of thousands of online reviews, social media mentions and internal survey responses into one single location. Then, using customized algorithms and A.I. Tatvam analyzed all the comments to identify customer sentiment surrounding key focus areas.

“We worked with Tatvam to transform the way we collect and evaluate the online voice of the customer within the digital marketplace. As a result, our executive team and partners are now able to make informed decisions based on real-time data and correlate revenues with customer satisfaction,” said Mayers.

The staff at Hartsfield Jackson are now able to:

  • Seamlessly see all customer feedback gathered on owned and third-party channels in one place.

  • Instantly look up any comments that mention any specific topic via Tatvam’s customizable dashboard.

  • Automatically send insightful and relevant daily reports across the organization based on role and responsibility.

  • Alert staff in real-time when sensitive topics are mentioned on social media.

  • Measure the customer sentiment of every specific aspect of the total airport experience.

  • Make data-supported decisions on major customer experience variables, like the amenities, concessionaires, and retailers that drive non-aeronautical revenue.

The work with Hartsfield-Jackson marks the first commercial airport partner for the Tatvam voice of the customer solutions, which was developed largely in partnership with major customers in the attractions industry like Georgia Aquarium and Herschend Family Entertainment.

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